Tried and tested – new and pioneering.

FORMTEC champions innovation.

Every product can be manufactured using different materials and processes. No matter what the application, FORMTEC will find the ideal combination of material and manufacturing method.

Because you want your product to achieve maximum benefit coupled with optimum quality.

This is why we continue to expand our process spectrum. We are just as competent in our command of compact systems as we are in casting and spraying technologies.

Just some of our processes and materials are presented here: PUR RIM and back-foamed thermoplastic, Multitec®, Baypreg®  and Baydur®.



Impact resistant. Safe. Durable.
Extreme streght coupled with low wall thickness.

Classical PUR RIM (polyurethane injection moulding) for microcellular parts has proven highly successful for thin-walled mouldings exposed to compressive and flexural stress. We also use S-RIM, the glass mat-reinforced variant.

The PUR R-RIM reinforced variants are used when a higher elastic memory is required. With this technique, we also offer the capability to produce components with a variable reinforcement material content.


Spraying systems

Solvent-free and highly adaptable.
More than just an alternative to GFRP.

Systems deployed by FORMTEC include the new Multitec® system from Bayer. Made highly economical by its short cycle times, this method – with or without fibreglass – is ideal for large surface-area components. For greater intrinsic stability, sandwich constructions and material combinations can also be implemented.

Also suitable for reinforcement of deep-drawn thermoplastic films, this system offers top quality results even for the most challenging of assignments.


PUR Composites


The superior epoxy resin alternative.
PUR composites minus the solvents.

Minimal tool demould times and no tempering of finished parts make this a highly cost-effective process. And because FORMTEC uses aluminium tools, the highest possible reproduction accuracy is guaranteed

At Baypreg® we work with renewable raw materials as fibres and/or with glass mats. A range of different core materials permit the optimum solution to be engineered for your application.

Polyurethan Schaumstoff


Versatile and dimensionally stable.
The optimum material for creative ideas.

We use this simplified, pressureless casting production method primarily to manufacture solid components. We produce these elements, some of which entail an extreme degree of complexity, using an environmentally friendly method without the use of separating agents.

Fixtures, inserts and even high-grade decor elements can be integrated in a single work process. In the form of unreinforced PUR integral foam, we use it for instance to produce same-colour rear spoilers for cars.

Thermoformen und Polyurethan-Technik

Back-foamed thermoplastic

FORMTEC has optimized the polyurethane technique in a variety of different ways. We have an excellent command of individual forming and are able to implement the most complex of technical requirements. No matter how small the production run, we supply our customers with a highly economical and unmistakable product.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, our thermoforming specialists work to shape your future success in tough competitive markets. Using durable, dimensionally stable and colourfast materials, individually milled to create that perfect finish.